Why are Santo Amaro Sardine’s a SuperFood?

Why are Santo Amaro Sardine’s a SuperFood?

There is a new trend in nutrition, eating “Superfoods”

The SuperFoods are 100% natural foods (fruits-algae-seeds-roots or herbs) that include a very high density of nutrients in small amounts.

They are called this because they are rich sources of antioxidants and nutrients.

They also help detoxify the body, increase energy, improve immunity and general well-being. Likewise, superfoods, unlike synthetic vitamins and minerals, are efficiently absorbed and used within our body.

That is why Santo Amaro Foods integrate “superfoods” into our products to provide you with the best protein and the most nutritious food.

Piri Piri pepper

Improves circulation, increases the speed of blood flow and reduces blood pressure. Vitamins A and C in hot peppers strengthen the walls of the blood vessels.


Thanks to its level of fatty acids, it raises the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, lowers LDL-c (bad cholesterol), benefits the control of arterial hypertension.

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