Truly Sustainable

We believe Santo Amaro is the MOST SUSTAINABLE canned tuna that exists.  Here´s why?

Unlike tuna caught using nets, Pole & Line tuna fishing doesn´t produce by-catch, zero catch is discarded, and tuna schools that are fished survive to reproduce and continue living on.

At Santo Amaro fishermen use traditional poles made of natural bamboo, the same poles used by their ancestors.

Santo Amaro sources tuna from fishing family owned and operated  small Pole and Line tuna fishing boats.

Santo Amaro relies on close relationships with Pole & Line boats owners and crews making traceability  and fishing method verification and simple  and fully transparent process.

Collaborates with Pole & Line fishermen to improve efficiencies and support their survival.

Ensures that its factory artisans have years of experience on average, are highly valued, and are provided with fair compensation and superior working conditions.

Santo Amaro supports fishing communities by packing our tuna in traditional fishing areas adjacent to where the tuna are caught, ensuring the freshest product possible.

Santo Amaro guarantees that all of our products are only sourced from countries with responsible, democratic and accountable governments.