Santo Amaro Sardine in Olive Oil Sandwich

Santo Amaro Sardine in Olive Oil Sandwich

Cooking time: 20 minutes.

A light, delicious and perfect dinner. A sandwich full of flavor. For 2 servings you need:


1 can of Santo Amaro European Sardines in Olive Oil.
1 soft bread.
4 slices of cheese.
1 large red bell pepper.
½ cup of mixed lettuce.
¼ cup pickles.
1 tablespoon of olive oil.
Salt and pepper This sandwich is very easy to prepare.


Put the red bell pepper in the oven at maximum temperature, when it s totally dark put it in a bag and close it, this process allows the skin to peel off easily. Slice the bread lengthwise and add the oil and pepper, brown on a hot plate, very carefully put the cheese slices on the bread and let it melt. On the very hot bread, add the lettuce, the peppers (which you previously roasted, peeled and removed the seeds), the pickles (you can replace them with olives) and on top of this mountain of flavor serve your Santo Amaro sardines.


Add a little olive oil from the sardines on the sandwich and it s ready to enjoy!