Our Cause

Save our Oceans and Artisanal Fishing Communities!

Our ocean resources and our artisanal fishing communities are literally on the brink of disappearing forever!

Our ocean resources are severely threatened. Even today, the construction of larger industrial fishing vessels with deeper nets, as well as further tuna fishing industry consolidation, continues making a bad situation worse.


Santo Amaro not only brings you superior tasting canned tuna, we also bring you the most sustainable canned tuna there is.

Santo Amaro tuna is 100% Pole & Line caught by small, artisanal fishing boats that are family owned and operated. Our tuna is caught in areas where there is NO tuna fishing using nets and no possibility of “mis-labelling, mixing or swapping” net caught tuna with Pole & Line caught tuna.

Save Our Oceans!

Artisanal Tradition

Santo Amaro’s Mission


To leverage the wisdom of our ancestors


to bring families great-tasting and highly-nutritious products


while protecting our oceans and planet for future generations


and preserving our fishing communities,


only using the highest quality, natural, and pure ingredients


packed using artisanal methods by dedicated, experienced, respected, and fairly treated artisans.

By supporting Santo Amaro, you’re striving with us to;

Leave a bountiful and healthy planet to future generations.

Rescue traditional fishing communities from degradation, despair, and extinction. 

Provide opportunities for sustainable fishing and healthy seafood family businesses working in harmony with our oceans.

Provide a healthy, natural seafood option that tastes great!